Rethinking Resolutions — My POWER WORDS for 2020

1. I’m going to only eat green leafy things and give up wine, cheese and chocolate so I can lose 25 pounds by February. 

2. I will write 3 poignant and creative blog posts a week.

3. I will achieve work-life balance in 2020.

I used to make New Year’s resolutions like the ones above. And I often gave up on them by mid-January.


Well, probably because they were not realistic, attainable or sustainable in REAL LIFE! I simply don’t have the capacity to write 3 blogs a week and keep up with my other commitments. And because there’s no way I could ever actually give up 3 of my favorite food groups—wine 🍷, cheese 🧀 and chocolate 🍫.

Plus, I don’t believe it is possible to actually achieve perfect work-life balance.

What about you? 

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? 

Are you able to keep them?

How do you stay focused on your goals? 

If you have any secrets to successfully keeping them, please let me know how you do it! Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

This year, instead of committing to new years resolutions, I have decided to focus on three words. And because I like superhero things, I’m calling them POWER WORDS. They are concepts I want to embrace in the upcoming year, both personally and professionally. 

Here’s what I’m focusing on in 2020. 


Forget perfection. Forget balance. I don’t believe either are possible. Instead of work-life balance, I’m going to shoot for work-life harmony. 

I learned to think of it this way from my friend and speaking colleague Kristen Brown. She compares life to a beautiful orchestra concert. Sometimes during a piece, the flutes need to play louder. Sometimes the trumpets. Other times the crescendo goes to the big bass drum. Throughout a piece of music, there are times where an entire section must remain silent. It is the combination of all the sections working together—knowing when to play louder or softer, when to change tempo, and when to remain silent—that creates the harmony.

In music and in life dynamics are always changing. Sometimes a family situation requires all your attention. Other times a work event or project calls for more focus. Perhaps your health requires extra consideration. Accepting these dynamic shifts as a natural part of life will help you find harmony in the bigger picture. 

As a solo-preneur, it often feels like work is fortissimo and overpowering the other aspects of my life. This is especially busy during the fall, which tends to be my busiest season as a speaker. In order to find this harmony, I need to give myself permission to pause—to remain silent. In 2020, I will set boundaries and prioritize self-care. I will orchestrate creative time into my schedule. And (very important!) I will be intentional about blocking quality time with my husband.


One definition for collaboration is: Two or more people working together toward shared goals.

Working together…collaboration is a deeply human activity. I’ve been blessed with so many amazing humans in my life! Clients, family, friends, business associates, mentors, and mentees. I will dig deeper. I will learn more about these people’s goals and what sets them on fire. I will continue to encourage them. Love them. Push them. I will look beyond the obvious to see how I can work with them to create positive, win-win partnerships so that we can all achieve our respective goals. Together, we will rise!


This coming year, I want to foster the things that are already in place and going well in my business, but still be open to new business opportunities. That means paying close attention to how I can support (nurture) the people already in my existing client base. Professionally, I will nurture and refine what I have put my heart into creating—my speaking content, my books, my platforms.  

Personally, will nurture my marriage. Even after 25 years, it is a priority to make sure Marty knows he is treasured. I also know that taking are of myself (nurturing ME!) will help me perform to the best of my ability. I can be a better wife, mother, colleague, speaker, volunteer and friend if I make self-care a priority. I will make time for the activities that keep me physically healthy, like yoga and walking. And I will nurture my brain by reading at least one book a month. 


As you read this, do any concepts jump out at you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Are there POWER WORDS you’d like to focus on in the new year?

What words will you choose for inspiration in 2020?

Wishing you a healthy, prosperous and fulfilling new year!


3 Comments on “Rethinking Resolutions — My POWER WORDS for 2020”

  1. Kelly, you are such an inspiration! Love your new power words… I am using – self fulfillment – time to work on ME.

    1. Thanks, Jan! I’m excited to learn more about how you are honoring YOU in the upcoming year. YOU deserve it!

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