Out to Sea a Parents Survival Guide to the Freshman Voyage

All aboard, parents! It’s time to see your child off on the voyage of a lifetime: the first year of college. This transition can be stressful and emotional. How do parents survive back on shore when they send their child out to sea? Never fear—help is on the way!

Kelly Radi is an award-winning author, motivational speaker, and mom who helps parents navigate the many aspects of college life. She offers practical, useful strategies gleaned from extensive research and personal experience.

Kelly equips parents for the college transition by discussing the ULTIMATE GOAL, the KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH, and so much more:

⚓️Effective communication with your student.
⚓️When (and how) to let go while still taking advantage of teachable moments.
⚓️Where’s the bubble wrap? Can you protect them from the scary stuff?
⚓️S.O.S.  What to do when your child needs a lifeline.
⚓️Practical preparation — your survival guide for the freshman year.

Kelly helps parents across the country with her honest and witty take on raising teens and launching successful college students. This session is in high demand during the months of August-October, so please plan ahead and book early.

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