Activate Your Inner Super Hero

You encounter passionate, intelligent, fascinating women every single day. These women may not wear tiaras to work, but they get stuff done. They are employees, wives, sisters, daughters, caretakers, volunteers, mothers, partners, bosses and lovers. They are real women—awesome and inspiring women—with stories to share. They are YOU.

This signature keynote session is all about POWER, where you find it, how you keep it, and how you channel it for greater good. Award-winning author, power-speaker and Wonder Woman fan Kelly Radi will help you identify your own superpowers and challenge you to take action. You’ll leave with a stronger sense of self-awareness and the confidence to face your fears and conquer your challenges. Come learn how to activate your inner super hero and watch the awesome impact it has on your life!

This session is especially well received by:
✭ corporate events and conferences
✭ staff development days
✭ leadership retreats
✭ women’s conferences and retreats
✭ business associations
✭ non-profit and government trainings
✭ college women – sororities and panhellenic events
✭ faith organizations

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Learn more about Kelly’s award-winning book and get the inside scoop on her next writing project.

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