Random Act of Kindness

“Wow, your nails look terrific,” she said, standing behind the sample counter at Trader Joe’s.

This simple compliment from a grocery store employee started a conversation between two strangers—Jen and me.

I’d stopped by the store on my drive home to pick up a few items, tired and not eager to face the snowy roads and rush hour traffic. Jen’s engaging smile and heartfelt conversation was a game changer in my day. Before long, we knew about each other’s kids and careers and appreciation for cheesy cauliflower. Her “customer service skills” didn’t feel like customer service skills. They appeared to be authentically Jen. Kindness was clearly one of Jen’s super powers.

As I was walking away, she asked, “Do you like ginger?”

“Sure do!” was my reply. “Why?”

“Just keep shopping and I’ll find you before you leave,” she responded.

As I was checking out, she approached me with a small box that contained ginger hand cream and handed it to me.

“This will keep your pretty hands nice and soft. It’s on the house!” she said as she flashed her 100-watt smile.

I left Trader Joe’s feeling blessed by this woman and her random act of kindness. Even without the hand cream, she went above and beyond the call of duty. She made me feel valued and appreciated by sharing a little of her story with me.

I’d met someone who by simply being herself made my day brighter. Thank you, Jen, for your random act of kindness. I promise I will pay it forward to someone else. You inspire me.


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