‘Tis the season…for homesickness

Your phone buzzes. You’re thrilled when you see it’s a text from your child—the one you dropped off at college four weeks ago. But, when you open the message, your heart sinks.

I hate it here. I have no friends. I want to come home.

The collegiate honeymoon is over. Your child is homesick. And this text seems to come just as you’re missing him most. Your heart says, “Go! Get him! Bring that baby home!” But your rational side knows this is all part of the learning curve of college.

Unfortunately, this painful scenario is not uncommon among families of first year students. How should parents respond to the heart-wrenching tears of a distressed freshman? One expert suggests you “move like your feet are stuck in molasses.” No matter how much you want to rush in (and I promise you will), do not leap into action. Instead, help your student process what he or she is feeling and work toward a solution.

Here are a few tips to help your student overcome homesickness, collected from current college students:


*Design cred goes to Gabrielle, our AWESOME Radi to Write Intern.

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