Time Management Apps for Students

With multiple classes, a social calendar, and often a work schedule, students need a place to track assignments, deadlines, exam times, projects and other commitments or responsibilities. Before they head off to campus this fall, encourage your student to consider which time management tool will best suit their personality, learning style, lifestyle, and academic needs.

Some students prefer a physical (as in paper and pen) planner while others prefer digital applications. If your student is considering a digital platform, here are some apps they may want to explore:

1. Evernote

An organizing tool used for multiple purposes such as keeping notes, scheduling events, collecting clips, photos and films. College students may use this app to capture all their ideas, images, assignments, and study plans while making personal checklists and setting reminders.

2. Remember The Milk

This app gets good reviews on creating to-do lists across multiple platforms, to set task lists and overcome procrastination with a reminder function that let you know when to do your tasks. You can share tasks and lists with others, making it a great tool for student projects as well.

3. iStudiez/iStudiez Pro

Input your class schedule and set reminders before class everyday so that you never forget where you’re going. It tracks assignments, due dates and exams. You can also customize a grading scale. Input your grades for completed assignments and exams, and the app will automatically calculate your GPA based on your school’s grading scale and the grades that you have recorded.

4. Trello

A customizable, visual app that allows you to organize personal, educational and professional aspects of life. It integrates with many other services (such as Evernote) to organize, collaborate, communicate and coordinate on projects and assignments. Great for people who are visual and creative.

5. Google Calendar

If you use other Google tools like Gmail, Google Docs, etc, this is an easy app to help stay organized—view and edit your schedule and classes, time block your day and set reminders. It automatically adds items to your calendar that it detects in other apps. Access your calendar from any web browser or on your mobile device.

6. myHomework Student Planner

Specifically created for students. It offers a calendar for tracking events, assignments, deadlines, projects and exams. The homework widget synchronizes tasks and sends reminders so students can take a project and outline the steps needed to bring it to completion.

7. Focus To-Do: Focus Timer & Tasks

Divide tasks into different categories, such as personal, school, work, fun, etc. and focus on accomplishing daily goals. Set a priority with each task so you can focus on getting important things done first, and not pushing them off in favor of an easier, low priority task. Also use reminders and recurring events, by specifying a day of the week/month for it to appear on your calendar. Creates colorful, detailed reports that show exactly how many tasks you’re completing and how much time you spent working, in comparison to your total breaks. Great for procrastinators.


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