The grass is not always greener…

My husband Marty is a yard guy. He is meticulous about fertilizing, watering, mowing and trimming. In fact, we tease him about how often he cuts the grass—and yes, the tidy chevron pattern in which he cuts it. The King of the Riding Lawnmower takes great pride in maintaining our yard and it shows.

While we relentlessly pick on him about his quest for pristine landscaping, I have to admit it’s a beautiful place, one I thoroughly enjoy. And one of the perks of working from home is that I can call it my “office” and work from the patio when the weather cooperates.

Just last week, he commented on how quickly the grass was growing and that he needed to cut it— for the second time in five days. My first (snarky!) thought was “Duh, of course it’s growing. You fertilized the you-know-what out of it and you water it every other day.”

But my second (less-snarky) thought was one of gratitude. You see, Marty prioritizes lawn care because he values family time and a peaceful outdoor space where we can relax and spend time together. He gives it attention because he cares about the outcome.

We can apply this not only to our yards but to our lives. With demanding schedules and limited hours in a day, we have to prioritize. We get to decide what needs to be watered and what can wait to be watered tomorrow.

Whether it is starting a business, working toward a business goal, fostering a friendship, or nurturing your family, you have the power to decide where you put your time and energy.

Grass (and life) is greener where you water it.

Bernie, our four-legged neighbor, likes to come “work” with me on the patio.


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