Swing into Spring! (And support each other)

So much has been going on since I last connected with you. Not sure if you noticed it or not, but I took some time off in late February-early March, and did not send out a monthly update. Marty and I went to Florida for some serious rest and relaxation—and NO SNOW!

Boy, did I take the R&R part seriously.

You know it is a good week when your biggest decision is…pool or beach?

I know, tough choice. The sunshine and slower pace definitely filled my cup and reenergized me, which was a good thing as I hit the ground running when we got back with events, more travel and client work.

One of my March events was so special that I’d like to tell you about it—and the people who made it special. In celebration of International Women’s Month, Kelly Sayre (a recently published author!) and I partnered with Meghan Kelsey (another real life Wonder Woman) to host a book-signing and community engagement event at Meghan’s coffee shop, Second Street Coffeehouse.

What a fun evening it was! Visiting, smiling, signing books, swinging (yes, literally swinging—Meghan has swings in the shop) and sipping delicious beverages. We had several folks pop in to simply show their support, which meant so much. One of people who stopped in was a fellow local author-friend named Hudda Ibrahim. As hard-working professionals, she and her husband Abdi have a hundred things to do, but they chose to visit us on that Tuesday evening instead of checking things off their to-do lists. Why? Because they know the work that goes in to marketing a book, and they wanted to show their care and support for Kelly and me.

What’s so neat about this is that there we were; four local authors all together (Hudda’s husband is also a published author). All four of us work so hard to market and sell our books, and make a difference in the world with our businesses. Do we look at each other and see competition? No. We look at each other and think, how can we help one another succeed in this tough business?
Hudda, Abdi, Kelly and Meghan are terrific examples of people who choose to not look at others with judgement. They don’t choose to compare or compete. Instead they choose to partner and push one another higher. They know that TOGETHER we ALL do BETTER!
I challenge you this month—a month of green grass and new beginnings—to begin to look at the people in your life and ask yourself, How can I help them succeed? What can I do to support them? Whose swing needs a push?
Forget the judging and comparing. It’s overrated. Personally and professionally, we all need people in our lives who encourage and support us, AND we need to be intentional about doing the same thing for others.
I wish you a positive and prosperous spring!
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