Park Pic 4A public speaker since 2010, Kelly Radi empowers, entertains and inspires groups—large and small, young and old, male and female, corporate and non-profit—with her energetic presentations. Kelly will work with your organization, audience and theme to tailor a session to suit your needs. She blends her authentic voice with personal stories and proven data to deliver positive messages that can be applied to REAL life to produce REAL results.

“There are two kinds of people in the world, ‘Here I am’ people that make themselves the attention. The others are ‘Here YOU are’ people who welcome you to the room and make you the focus. Kelly is one of those connectors where it is more about you than her…and that makes everyone feel special.” — Greg Buzek, IHLGroup

microphone and goofy faceKelly’s speaking passions:

  • Authentic Parenting—Teens & College Students
  • Team building & Connecting
  • Empowering Women & Girls
  • Wellness—Living Well in the REAL World
  • The Value of Volunteerism


General descriptions of topics:

Out To Sea: A Parents’ Survival Guide to the Freshman Voyage

Sending kids to college is a stressful time for parents and students alike. If your child is leaving for college, you’re likely wondering how he or she will survive. Let’s face it, your kid can’t manage to get his dirty socks into the hamper. How will he remember to set an alarm and make it to class on time?

Never fear, parents! Help is on the way. Kelly teaches parents how to navigate the many aspects–practical and emotional–of preparing for college life, from safety and money matters to successfully adjusting course at home. She challenges parents to think about their changing roles and offers useful strategies on effective parent-student communication. She addresses parental fears and provides the humor and support necessary to survive the freshman voyage. In this session, Kelly equips parents for the college transition by discussing the ULTIMATE GOAL, the 3 KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH, and so much more:

  • Senior-itis. It’s a real thing.
  • Tin cans on a string–effective communication with your student.
  • When (and how) to let go and take advantage of teachable moments.
  • Where’s the bubble wrap? How to protect them from the scary stuff.
  • S.O.S.  What to do when your child needs a lifeline.
  • Practical preparation–your survival guide for the freshman year.

“Kelly brings voice to the laughter, tears, joy and angst shared by parents everywhere as they send their kids off to college.”
— Dr. Melissa Sturm-Smith, Drake University

Everything I Need to Know in Business, I Learned from Dr. Seuss

Kelly will lead your team through a dynamic, interactive and FUN workshop with the help of everybody’s favorite doc. Yes, Dr. Seuss has provided the framework and Kelly will deliver the F-U-N! But don’t be fooled by the laughter, real growth happens here. From sales and strategy to integrity and relationships, this corporate workshop is a true team-builder that delivers results!

  • Effective leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Improving culture
  • Persistence and tenacity
  • Character qualities that stand out in the workplace
  • Growing Confidence

“Authentic and insightful—refreshing and funny. All in 60 minutes!”
—Jackie Johnson, Big Brothers Big Sisters

Unleash Your Inner Wonder Woman

Move over, men of steel and caped crusaders. We may not have golden lassos or magic bracelets. But beneath our business suits, yoga hoodies, and work uniforms, we have super powers!  We are tough. We are smart and successful women. We all have the power to lead. To teach. To mentor. To love. To conquer fears and overcome challenges. We are wonderful.

In this session, audience members explore how women of all ages can empower themselves and each other. Through personal stories and Q&A, Kelly inspires audiences to recognize super powers that truly matter. She debunks the illusion of perfection and delivers a powerful message of giving grace. In this high-energy message, Kelly encourages women to:

  • Zap the negative! Give power to the Positive!
  • Identify super powers and learn how to use them for greater good.
  • Engage your tribe and empower your circle of women.FEW speaker pic copy
  • Forget perfection and find perspective.

This series is designed especially for:

women’s groups and conferences

college women – sororities and panhellenic groups

corporate groups

faith organizations

civic clubs

Give Graciously and Watch Your Garden Grow: The Value of Volunteerism

Life is busy. We have over-scheduled calendars and overgrown to-do lists. So how (and why) would a person make time to add volunteering to an already busy week?

In this personal message, Kelly shares the inspiring story of her grandmothers—their gardens, their values, and their gracious giving. She illustrates the impact volunteering has on the receiver, the giver, the community, and on future generations. Her heartfelt, entertaining message—perfect for women’s organizations, church groups, or philanthropic associations—resonates with audiences who are looking to make a difference, one little seed at a time. Kelly shares these tips to help volunteers bloom:

  • Sow seeds—big things often have small beginnings.
  • Plant what you love—pursue your passion.
  • Add fertilizer—you choose to grow flowers or weeds.
  • Get dirty—sometimes mud is ok. It means we’ve had rain.
  • Stop and smell the roses—the importance of being present.
  • Heirloom ground cherries for generations—what’s your legacy?


Living Well in the REAL World

We are REAL people. REAL parents, partners, employees, employers, and friends. We have REAL lives, commitments and jobs. We have active families and busy schedules. Yet we all strive for the the same goals: to be healthy, successful, and have balance at work and at home. But how?

  • At the end of a long day, who has time for fitness?
  • Who has energy to make heart-healthy meals?
  • How can REAL people actually reduce stress and make time for themselves and their partners?

Kelly taps into her training as a nutrition and wellness educator to deliver practical tips and simple lifestyle changes that can have a huge impact on overall health. She offers best practices for stress reduction and identifies doable ways to incorporate movement into a busy day. She shares her personal health legacy as well as her ongoing love affair with the Dairy Queen to give audiences REAL strategies to living well. This series is informative, interactive, entertaining, and customizable for groups of all sizes and demographics. It has been especially well-received as a worksite wellness program.

Please contact Kelly today for more information or to book an event.  kelly@raditowrite.com

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