#RealLifeWonderWoman REVISITED — Kelly Sayre

Kelly Sayre, one of our past real life Wonder Women, has some big news to announce.

She just launched her first book and is throwing a party to celebrate!

The best part . . . you’re invited!

Sharp Women: Embrace Your Intuition, Build Your Situational Awareness, and Live Life Unafraid 

I had the privilege of a “sneak peak” and got to read Sharp Women before it was published. Folks, let me tell you this information is so so so important for all women (and in my opinion, the men who care about them) to read and understand. And Kelly delivers this powerful information in such a relatable and applicable way. She is thoughtful and honest. She does not instill fear or anxiety. There’s no judgement for past mistakes. Instead, she instills awareness and confidence. She helps you take a fresh look at how you can live smarter and safer in your everyday life.

I could go on and on about this book! But instead, let’s ask Kelly herself a few questions about Sharp Women and what inspired her to write it.

KR: Hi Kelly! First, congratulations on getting published. I know how much time, energy, work, and heart goes into writing a book and getting it published. Has it sunk in yet? How are you feeling as your big official launch date approaches?

KS: It has not sunk in yet. I’ve been so caught up in the marketing and plan execution whirlwind, I haven’t stopped to appreciate I’m at this point! I suppose this should be my reminder to make time to celebrate a little huh? I’m excited that my book is out there for anyone to pick up and learn how to improve their personal safety. By having the book available, women can start building their self-confidence immediately.

KR: Okay, the question everybody wants answered. What inspired you to write this book?

KS: I took a self-defense class a few years ago, and the instructor spent four hours training us to defend ourselves from physical attacks, to fight our way out of dangerous situations. Then, when we wrapped, he said, “Of course, you want to avoid physical confrontation at all costs, you need to be more situationally aware.” That shocked me: why did we spend four hours on something we should avoid, but no time learning how to avoid it? When I searched for resources and trainings on situational awareness and avoiding or preventing an attack, I found very few options-and nothing from the everyday woman’s perspective. I had to learn from trainings in the law enforcement and military fields and translate the information to apply to my life. When I would talk about what I was learning with my friends, they wanted to learn too. That turned into sharing information on social media and in emails, so I formed my company, The Diamond Arrow Group. When the pandemic shut everything down, including in-person trainings, but increased violent crimes and attacks on women, I knew the information and knowledge I had was needed more than ever. That’s when I decided to write my book.

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KR: I like how you address the difference–and connection–between situational awareness and self-defense. One is preventive, the other is reactive. Why do you think this wasn’t part of typical self-defense training before?

KS: Similar to my experience with the self-defense class, I think it was said “you need to be more aware of your surroundings” and the person saying it assumed everyone in class knew what that meant. I compare it to life hacks we have that we think everyone knows. Until someone raises their hand and says they don’t understand and asks more questions, there’s a assumption that everyone “gets it”.

There is much women can do–and must do–to sharpen their situational awareness and put their personal safety top of mind and practice. In Sharp Women, we talk about the real threats women face, how to recognize and respond in a way that keeps their personal safety a priority, without needing to apologize. It’s life-saving advice for women, from a woman.

KR: You’ve also been busy collaborating on the SHARP WOMEN LAUNCH EVENT scheduled for Tuesday, March 8th. Please tell us all about that! 

KS: The Sharp Women Launch event is more than a party for a book launch (two books actually). It’s an evening of inspiration and celebration of all women to be who they want to be. The vision is a room full of women, who don’t quite know what to expect from the evening, but they know they need to be there. There’s an energy and excitement. They can put aside the worries and stress of the last two years to enjoy great music, food, drinks, inspirational stories from Kelly & Rebekah, and connect with other like-minded individuals. When the (hopefully) big, fat check is handed over to Anna Marie’s Alliance, the whole room will feel the warmth in their hearts that lifting up others brings. There will be lots of laughter, love, and respite from the day-to-day pressures women have faced during the pandemic. The event is not about one person, it’s about celebrating all women on International Women’s Day.

KR: You know how much I appreciate a good celebration. A good glass of champagne. And good books. That’s the trifecta right there! Where can people purchase tickets?

KS: Anyone can purchase a ticket by going to our website: www.thediamondarrowgroup.com or clicking this link: https://bit.ly/3IyDGqP



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