#RealLifeWonderWoman–Meet Kelly Sayre

When today’s #RealLifeWonderWoman and I first met, we soon realized that we had something (2 things, actually) in common. We share the same first name and both have husbands named Marty. Yes, Kelly and Marty…Marty and Kelly. Naturally, we had to schedule a double date so the Martys could meet and we could get to know each other better.

The rest, as they say, is history. Since then, Kelly and I have become friends. I am continuously impressed by her sparkle! She has a heart for building others up and bringing people together. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and a Midwest work ethic. Her zest for life is infectious!

Professionally, Kelly is both an employee and an entrepreneur. She works for IHL Group as a Retail Analyst and runs her own company called Diamond Arrow Group, which you’ll learn more about in the following interview.

Personally, Kelly digs dogs. She serves the four-leggeds faithfully as an executive board member at the Tri-County Humane Society and recently adopted Leonidas (Leo), a 150-pound (and growing!) Great Dane puppy. She loves spending time “being goofy” with her kids, traveling, camping, reading and running.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to today’s #RealLifeWonderWoman…Kelly Sayre!

KR: Hi Kel, can you please tell us about what brings you joy and fulfillment?

KS: I get the greatest sense of fulfillment when I see that I’ve made a positive impact in another person’s life or helped them accomplish a goal. Whether it’s teaching my kids how to do something on their own or encouraging other women to step out of their comfort zones to reach their dreams.

KR: You have a new business venture geared to help keep women safe. What can you tell us about Diamond Arrow Group? How and why did you start it?

KS: I named my company “Diamond Arrow Group” because an arrow through a diamond symbolizes “courage moving forward”. My logo is a single arrow through the middle of a diamond and fun fact, I got my logo tattooed on my body because it never hurts to have a little extra courage in life, right? Ha!

I’ve always been fascinated by the movies depicting actors who seem to see things before they happen because they’re hyper aware of their surroundings. I know it’s not the same in real life but I do know that our military, law enforcement and those in the private security sector have to hone similar skills to be successful at their jobs. With the increase of violent attacks in locations we visit in our daily lives (grocery stores, salons, theatres, malls), I wanted to learn how to acquire those skills myself, but I couldn’t find resources geared toward the general public. That’s when I decided to start this journey to first educate myself, and then teach other women how to be more aware of their surroundings.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Diamond Arrow Group

KR: What makes situational awareness different from self-defense?

KS: Self-defense is an action. You learn how to physically defend yourself against an attacker as well as any tools (Mace, personal alarm, tactical flashlight, Tactikey, etc.) you can deploy. Situational awareness is using all your senses, which feed into your intuition, to understand what is going on around you. Learning how to establish the baseline of your surroundings so you can spot when something isn’t right and take action to remove yourself from the potentially threatening situation. Knowing what to look for and what it means to your safety.

Her Marty

KR: I’m excited to be attending your November 6th situational awareness introductory class. What can I expect to happen during class?

KS: That’s great to hear! My introductory class gives women a basic understanding of what to look for and how to hone their situational awareness skills. I talk about tools and tactics they can use to keep them and their loved ones safe. It’s a heavy topic but I bring in a little humor to help women feel comfortable talking about their fears and work through them. 

Kelly and “Little” Leo

KR: You know I’m a mom of two young women. One is a college student. This seems like a very important topic for women who are just getting out on their own. Do you have any advice for college-aged women?

KS: While I believe women of all ages can greatly benefit from being more situationally aware, college-aged women are growing in to their independence. They are entering a new world and meeting lots of new people. They must rely on their intuition to tell them if a person is honest or not. Being more in-tune with their intuition can make a big difference in navigating those new oceans.

KR: We all have inner superpowers. What are some of yours?

KS: The ability to make people I’ve just met feel comfortable around me and being able to have wonderful conversations about nothing and everything all at once.

KR: Can you tell us about an influential woman in your life and how she inspired you?

KS: I have three, my mom and my Aunts Char and Pat. My mom taught me how to be self-reliant. She raised myself and my two siblings basically on her own while holding down a demanding job as a nurse because my father traveled a lot for work. Char and Pat were two of my Dad’s sisters. I remember their loud laughs, their ability to have a sense of humor about nearly everything and their zest for life. They epitomized “dance like no one is watching.”

KR: If you could have one super-human power, what would it be?

KS: The ability to breathe under water. I love being in water…an ocean, a lake, even the bath tub! Water soothes and refreshes me. It’s my happy place.

KR: Knowing what you know at this stage of your life, what words of wisdom would you give to your 20-year-old self?

KS: Ahhh…I love this question. I would tell my 20-year-old self to take time every day to listen to my own voice and understand it. To learn what my dreams and fears are and to follow my own path. It’s so easy to let those around you tell you what to do and how to do it (because that’s what we do from the day we’re born!) but as you enter adulthood, you need to know yourself to build confidence and achieve your dreams.

All dressed up! If you recognize Kelly’s colleague, it is because she is Nicole Taylor, a #RealLifeWonderWoman we featured back in May.

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  1. Kelly is an inspiration. I am honored to work with Kelly at the charity Retail ROI. Kelly brings energy to the table in all situations. She motivates all with her smile and enthusiasm. A super mum, entrepreneur and a charity activist that gets her hands dirty and delivers measurable good. I am richer for knowing Kelly and to call her a friend.

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