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Real Life Wonder Woman Kasey Cross was born in a small town in Dooly County, Georgia. Her life changed dramatically when she became a mother at age 15. Her second daughter was born two years later, and she had three more baby girls in the following decade. While life was certainly challenging as a single mom in those days, she worked hard to raise her daughters to become women of integrity and give them a solid foundation. Today, Kasey is fiercely proud of her daughters—one a current college student, one who works at Amazon, one retired from the Army, one a medical assistant, and one a teenager still living at home.

KR: Welcome, Kasey, and thank you for sharing your story. First, FIVE daughters! Wow! Raising our two girls gave me more than a few gray hairs. What was it like raising your daughters in those early years?

KC: Life was a big challenge for me and the girls, especially not having a reliable support system, but God brought us through many trials, struggles, and disappointments. We were always moving from city to city (unplanned moves at times) trying to better my life as a single mother.

When I reminisce about being a mother of five beautiful daughters, I can’t believe it at times. I can remember the times I wanted to throw in the towel. I wanted to just give up. I cried many nights to myself. I never wanted to be this single parent, but God, I wanted a family like The Cosby Show, Family Matters, and The Brady Bunch. Sometimes I feel I didn’t allow myself to grow up, but life happens. In some ways, I actually think we grew up together, with me providing my given capacity and wisdom at the time.

Let me remind you I dropped out in 9th grade with my second pregnancy, but God knows the plans he has for us!

Kasey and her firstborn daughter

KR: He does, indeed! And you were certainly a resilient young woman, with drive and perseverance. I recall you mentioning to me how important education was (and is) to you, especially after having to drop out of school so young. What did you end up doing for education?

KC: I later went back to school and earned my G.E.D. I also earned a Cosmetology Diploma, Aircraft Structural Technology Diploma, and Early Childhood Education Associates degree.

Kasey has taught her daughters to value education.

KR: Would you please tell us about what brings you joy and fulfillment?

KC: Undisturbed family time brings my greatest joy, because we get to interact by helping each other and hearing each other’s feedback. We enjoy cooking, hanging out at the parks, and shopping together.

KR: We all have inner superpowers. What are some of yours?

KC: Perseverance, Loyalty, Integrity, Love, Kindness, Responsible, Generosity, Passion, Patience.

KR: Can you tell us about an influential woman in your life and how she inspired you?

KC: Oprah Winfrey inspired me by how she was such a giver and wanted people to heal. She helped people and gifted them all around the world. I love the way she connected with people who came on her show, the laughter and the cries. I would love to help people and give to them like Oprah, with the wealth to get things accomplished.

I used to feel some of her conversations on the show and watch her cry with people. I wanted her to adopt me and my children, so we didn’t have to struggle.

KR: If you could have one super-human power, what would it be?

KC: To be Fearless!

KR: What do you do for fun? What are your hobbies? 

KC: Meeting up with a friend to hangout, laugh, joke, and eat some good food. I would like to go fishing more, learn different cultural dances, do more cooking, shopping, exercise, and learn about different herbs.

KR: Knowing what you know at this stage of your life, what words of wisdom would you give to your 20-year-old self? 

KC: Don’t get caught up in people’s opinions of you. Follow your dream! Don’t try to make someone love you and or be in your life–know when to walk away from people, places, and or things. Move forward in life without regrets and/or leaving family and friends behind. Some will catch up one day if they are meant to be a part of your journey.



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  1. I love the way you told your truths. I thank God for allowing me to be apart of your journey. And being one of those friends you left behind to find better and later catching back up to finish our life story!

    Keep Pressing on!

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