#RealLifeWonderWoman — Katherine Zachman Mathiasen

What do you get when you blend a cowgirl spirit, a deep desire to help others, and the love of a good cup of coffee? You get Katherine Zachman Mathiasen, founder of  Angel Reins Stable: A Place of Horses and Healing. Grounded on the simple principle of serving others—both 2-legged and 4-legged—Angel Reins is making a difference in Central Minnesota and beyond. 

Kathy is a beautiful blend of humility, faith and passion. Those attributes combined with her intense work ethic make today’s #RealLifeWonderWoman a force to be reckoned with!

It is with great pride that I introduce you to my dear friend and today’s #RealLifeWonderWoman…Katherine Zachman Mathiasen!

KR: Can you tell us about what brings you joy and fulfillment?

KZM: There’s nothing more rewarding than helping someone (two or four legs) heal from brokenness. I started a coffee company years ago called “Favorite Cowgirl Coffee/Forever Cowgirl.” The end-goal of that company was to create a stable that would provide respite and healing for humans and horses. To near that end-goal is beyond exciting! Angel Reins Stable will soon have its 501c3 status. This entire journey has been absolutely amazing! From all the people I’ve been blessed to meet and friends I’ve made through “FC”, to transitioning to the ultimate goal of “Angel Reins Stable,” I am overjoyed and excited to see what the future will hold.

Being able to share my horses and country life with others is extremely fulfilling–whether it’s adopting a rescue horse, dog or cat and bringing them to good health or mentoring someone who would like to learn more about horses. Currently we work with the women of Terebinth Refuge, the Veterans from the Eagles Healing Nest, and several others.

Many of our visitors suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression and more. After a visit with the horses, some food and a good cup of coffee, life seems a bit brighter. Horses do that. In fact, horses’ ability to regulate trauma provides a helpful model for people with PTSD, and I’m extremely grateful I’m able to be part of that process. I am also VERY grateful for the love, support and friendship of people who are helping Angel Reins Stable accomplish its mission of helping others.

KR: Clearly, you have a heart for helping others—people and animals. Where did your love of horses come from? 

KZM: I was born with it!  I’ve loved horses, animals as long as I can remember!

KR: We all have inner superpowers. What are some of yours?

KZM: I’d like to think being genuine…possessing compassion, kindness, a sense of humor.

KR: What are some of your hobbies?

KZM: Trail Riding, Photography and spending time outdoors.

KR: Can you tell us about an influential woman in your life and how she inspired you? 

KZM: My Mother. She was the nicest, kindest, smartest person I ever knew. She had 8 children and somehow made each of us feel as though we were her only one. She had a gentle spirit and a wonderful sense of humor. Even though she didn’t have much in the way of finances, she somehow always made sure to share whatever she had. She was just the best! I miss her every single day.

KR: If you could have one super-human power, what would it be? 

KZM: Wisdom. An ability to discern with grace situations that are difficult to understand.

KR: Knowing what you know at this stage of your life, what words of wisdom would you give to your 20-year-old self? 

KZM: TRUST that you are enough! Know He is with you, guiding you.  RELAX! Know you are able….believe that through Him anything is possible.  And lastly, LAUGH! Life is too serious to be serious!

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5 Comments on “#RealLifeWonderWoman — Katherine Zachman Mathiasen”

  1. I’m honored to have known Kathy (Zach) going on 50 years. She is an inspiration & sees God’s message wherever she looks. I admire her vision & drive…take the reins KZ & fly!

  2. What a beautiful article. I know Kathy and she is an amazing woman. She keeps giving of herself and has impacted so many lives.

  3. Awe Kathy you are one of the most kind and gentle friends I’ve known. Going to school with you, running with you and laughing for hours has been my delight. Best of luck in all of your adventures and know I’m always here for you. Love ya Zach!

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