Give Graciously and Watch Your Garden Grow

Life is busy. You have over-scheduled calendars and overgrown to-do lists. So how (and why) would a person (or organization) make time to add volunteering to an already busy week?

In this personal message, Kelly shares the inspiring story of her grandmothers—their gardens, their values, and their gracious giving. She illustrates the impact volunteering has on the receiver, the giver, the organization, the community, and on future generations. You’ll appreciate how her heartfelt, entertaining message—perfect for volunteer banquets, church groups, corporate organizations and philanthropic associations—resonates with audiences who are looking to make a difference, one little seed at a time. Kelly shares insights in these areas to help volunteerism bloom:

🌻Sow seeds—big things often have small beginnings.
🌻Plant what you love—pursue your passion.
🌻Add fertilizer—you choose to grow flowers or to grow weeds.
🌻Get dirty—sometimes mud is ok. It means we’ve had rain.
🌻Stop and smell the roses—the importance of being present.
🌻Heirloom ground cherries for generations—what’s your legacy?

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