Everything I Need to Know to Know to DO LIFE,
I Learned From Dr. Seuss

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when daily pressures deplete your energy and motivation. You find yourself feeling stressed and just going through the motions instead of proactively engaging in them. This can impact the flow of your business, how you are perceived by others, and how happy and energized you feel about your work and your life outside of the workplace.

Kelly will help you find motivation and newfound energy with a little help from everybody’s favorite doc. Yes, Dr. Seuss will provide the framework and Kelly will deliver the F-U-N!

This session works well as both an interactive keynote or a longer team-building workshop. After coming to grips with your inner Grinch, you’ll have the opportunity to recognize your key areas of fatigue and strategize practical solutions. Kelly will then share some Seuss-piration that will help you succeed in business and at home. You’ll laugh, you’ll reflect, and you’ll leave re-energized with insight on how to happily and successfully DO LIFE better!

This session works especially well for:
✭ corporate conferences
✭ leadership retreats
✭ non-profit and government trainings
✭ team-building days
✭ civic and community clubs
✭ service industry associations
✭ direct sales meetings

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