CONQUER Clutter! ZAP Stress! BANISH Chaos!

With fall flying at us at warp speed, many of us may feel like we’re bracing for impact (AGAIN). By now, we are all experts at the pivot, but may need a little boost as we attack the challenges and embrace the experiences the new season brings.

Whether you’re facing a new work transition or perhaps a new relationship or you’ve just launched a kid off to college or sending one off to kindergarten in the back-to-school chaos, or you’re experiencing more of “the same,” we can often feel a little adrift as the seasons change.

I’ve always loved the summer-to-fall transition and the newness that comes with it. It’s a time to rethink the way I do things and what I want to prioritize for the last few months of the year. 

Anyone who has been to my house knows I hate clutter and love a good checklist. I feel like the checklists help me power up my time management skills and they really are kryptonite to domestic chaos. 

I want to share one of my favorite checklists with you because let’s face it— sometimes we just need to regroup at home. I created this list just for you to help make room for your inner super hero to re-emerge this fall.


What would you add to the list? Please share your organizational tips and tricks in the comments.

Wishing you a happy (and organized) fall!


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