Is someone in your family college-bound?


  • Do you have questions about launching your child off to college? 
  • Is your student anxious about moving and adjusting to life on campus? 
  • Are there questions you’d like to ask in a private, confidential conversation?
  • Want expert advice on successfully navigating the college years—as parents AND  students?

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Are you ready to launch?

In the past year, both parents and students have been put through the ringer. You’ve missed out on “normal” college prep experiences like orientations and in-person college visits. You’ve tackled distance learning and wonky schedules. You’ve missed out on activities, athletics, proms, and ceremonies. Some of you moved your student off to campus, only to move them back home a few short weeks later. Others never even got that far!

Normal or not, the high school-to-college transition is still a big deal!

While we’ve had a year like never before, some things remain the same. Launching (or relaunching) into the college years is a time of mixed emotions for both students AND parents. It is stressful and scary, but at the same time exciting and powerful!

Parents, YOU have a vital role in setting your student up for a successful launch. 

Countless studies and reports confirm this. Your support and healthy involvement matters. How can you reduce anxiety and confusion AND instill confidence and excitement in your college-bound student?

Students, this is a LOT to process, but you have the skills. 

You just might want a little guidance before you go. Kelly can answer all your questions and offer you suggestions to reduce your anxiety, adjust into campus life, improve roommate relations, combat homesickness, and achieve academic success.


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Forget the fluff. We’ll talk about what works and what doesn’t in a relaxed, comfortable format. This is real talk for real families. We’ll tackle what you really want (and need) to know. From mental health and safety concerns to substance use, roommate relations and communicating effectively with your student, we’ve got you covered.

College parenting expert Kelly Radi will meet personally with you live on the Zoom platform for 60 minutes. She’s the author of MIPA GOLD Award-winning Out to Sea: A Parents’ Survival Guide to the Freshman Voyage and a sought-after speaker on campuses across the country. Her book is highly recommended by higher ed professionals as THE go-to resource for parents navigating the college launch.

Kelly will answer YOUR questions and will share valuable expert advice as it relates to your unique family situation. In addition to your specific questions and concerns, here are some topics your session will cover:

Before they launch 

  • The “new normal” and how life post-COVID is affecting our students
  • Anxiety and the college student - mental and physical wellbeing
  • Mentorship parenting - providing anchors and sails
  • Practical preparations  - money matters, housing and packing

During the launch 

  • What you need to know for smooth sailing on move-in day
  • When and how to communicate with your student
  • Secrets to success - time management, engagement
  • The scary stuff - crime and safety, substance abuse, homesickness

After they launch 

  • Fear of the unknown - how to support your student in uncharted waters
  • Understanding your (their) support system and how it works
  • What to expect when they come home - family dynamics
  • Staying connected with your student

Cost $99.99 per household - includes signed copy of Out to Sea: A Parents’ Survival Guide to the Freshman Voyage shipped to you (domestic US addresses only) and access to your private Zoom session.

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