Boxes, totes and biceps, oh my!

If you’ve noticed my bulging biceps of of 2021, it is not because I’ve been lifting weights at the gym. It is because I’m getting pretty good at lifting boxes. Lots of boxes. 

In the past year, we moved both Marty’s mom and our daughter Brooke to new homes. And next week, we move our daughter Karen.

If you’ve moved in recent years, you know it’s a process. A stressful process. In fact, studies consistently report that moving is one of life’s top ten most stressful events, just behind death and divorce. Between finding the right place and navigating the logistics, including the actual packing/unpacking and the emotional aspects of getting settled into a new space, it is a lot to handle. 

Moving a student off to college is no exception. The prospect of kids leaving the place that is the center of their (and your) universe can be frightening. The mixed emotions can be overwhelming—for both parents and students. On one hand, it’s the start of an exciting new adventure; it’s the first big step toward “adulting.” On the other hand, moving comes with a lot of change, and letting go. 

How can you make your child’s college move as smooth as possible? First, it can be helpful to simply recognize the stress and emotions involved, and then do what you can to mitigate that stress and minimize move-in day chaos. 

Here’s a video link from a visit to Twin Cities Live, where I share packing hacks and move-in day tips with co-hosts Elizabeth and Steve:

You will also find lots of practical moving tips in Chapter 5 (Pack This…Not That) of Out to Sea: A Parents’ Survival Guide to the Freshman Voyage. This chapter covers all the things you’ll want to know for a successful move-in day, including useful checklists of what to pack (and what NOT to pack) for college living. Please let me know if you’d like to purchase a signed copy directly from me, or pick it up from your favorite bookseller. 

If you have additional packing hacks or moving suggestions, please share them in the comments below, so other parents can take advantage of your experience and ideas. 

Happy packing!


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