Big Announcement Today!

I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it! Today is THE DAY that I get to tell you about a spectacular partnership and show you what can happen when two crazy entrepreneurial gals put their heads together. 

For a couple of years, I’ve been dreaming about providing you some tangible products to help parents and students stay connected through the college years. And for those of you who’ve already read my book, you know I still believe there’s great value in snail mail.

Firing off an email or text is cool, and a phone call or Facetime is better, but there’s nothing quite like knowing somebody sat down and took the time to write a few sentences of encouragement or send news from home. It’s like sending love in an envelope! Bonus points if you slip a $20 in, of course. 

My dream was to have a line of handmade, old-school letter press cards for parents to send their students. But I didn’t want ordinary greeting cards. No way! They needed to be heartfelt, and real and honest. 

And since I have a thing for quippy humor, it was a no-brainer of who I wanted to work with on this personal passion project. The one…the only…the fabulous…Ms. Mary Bruno. She is one of the most artistic and talented women I know—a real life wonder woman. Mary is the creative genius behind Bruno Press and, yes, our new line of LAUNCH WITH LOVE cards.

Dreams do come true! Mary and I joined forces to make my card dream a reality. They come as a boxed set of 6 different cards with sentiments that keep it real. They say what we parents are often thinking. And they do it with style!

LAUNCH WITH LOVE card sets will be available at my upcoming speaking events and also on the Bruno Press website. 

Speaking of speaking events, please encourage your student’s high school or college counselors and administrators to add my Out to Sea session to their roster of parent support events (senior parent night, college orientation, parent weekend, etc.). It is a privilege and a joy to connect with other parents to educate and empower you as you prepare to launch your children. Plus, I’d be thrilled to meet you in person! 

Once, again, I want to give a huge shout out to Mary Bruno and encourage you to visit her website at This project wouldn’t have been possible without her. From the very first meeting, she “got” me and what I was trying to do. Even if you don’t have kids preparing to launch, check out her work. She’s gritty and quippy and real. She’ll make it easy and fun for you to stay in touch with those you love. 

Launch some love and send a card to someone you care about today!

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    1. Thank you, Jody! I loved the entire process, thanks to my talented and creative business partner.

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