A Pledge of Resilience

Lately, the word “resilient” keeps popping up in conversation and in my social media feeds.

Apparently, it is a hot topic across generations and across industries. I hear it from concerned parents asking how they can help their kids be more resilient. I hear it from young women who feel like they are crushed by adversity, and wanting guidance. I hear it from audience members who are feeling overwhelmed and overworked. And I hear it from caring college administrators and staff as they try to help college students develop the resilience required for success in college–and in life.

Resilience = the ability to bounce back from adversity as efficiently as possible.

The good news is resilience is something you can continue to develop throughout life. It’s a choice. It involves honesty, self-awareness and intent. It requires personal responsibility and giving grace to yourself when you need it most.

Below is a tool for you to use to grow in resilience. It’s a pledge of resilience. Speak it aloud to yourself every day. Apply the principles to your life and watch what happens! Your mindset will shift. Your heart will follow. And you will become more resilient, able to handle what life sends your way. 

Please share this pledge with your friends and colleagues. Parents, share it with your kids–especially with your college students. It’s time to embrace life with grace and support. With responsibility and purpose. With joy and perspective!


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