10 Tips to Prepare for Final Exams

Follow these tips and watch your productivity and test scores rise!study image

  1. Study in 25-minute bursts, taking a 5-minute break between these sessions. It’s called the Pomodoro Method of productivity.
  2. Listen to music. Studies indicate that music can actually help you study.
  3. Attend study groups.
  4. Alternate where you study.
  5. Alternate how you study. Use study tools like notecards, whiteboards and practice tests.
  6. Study smart. Spend less time studying the material you already understand and more time on the challenging material.
  7. Practice positive self-talk. Envision doing well on the test.
  8. Exercise each day. As little as 20 minutes of daily activity has been shown to boost test scores.
  9. Eat well. Your brain can’t be expected to operate without fuel.
  10. Get adequate sleep. Seriously. All-nighters are NOT the answer.




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