College Life: Packing for the Dorm

The Three BEs of Moving to College It’s that time of year. Students are loading up their futons and dreams and heading off to college. Parents, beware: This can be an emotional time that requires an extra dose of patience on your part. Here are some practical tips from folks who’ve gone before you—parents who’ve already played packing Tetris in

Studying Abroad: A Mom’s Perspective–On Grown & Flown

I’m delighted to be a contributor to Grown & Flown, an informative website about parenting older kids. Last week they featured an essay I wrote called From Clingy Kid to World Traveler, How Did That Happen?  In it, I share how our daughter’s experiences while studying abroad have changed her and shaped the woman she is—and the woman she will be. If you’re interested in reading the full

Meet the Parents! (College Orientation)

Marty and I had the pleasure of sitting on the “expert” panel at the Drake University parent orientation session last weekend. It was nice to be on the other side of those first-year jitters. We answered all kinds of questions, from “Where’s the nearest DQ?” and “Did you let your child bring a car?” to the emotional ones like, “I’m

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Here’s to Moms Everywhere!

It’s Throwback Thursday! In honor of Mother’s Day, here’s a column I wrote for the St. Cloud Times back in 2008. While I may have a few more gray hairs since this was originally published and those little girls in the photo are now young women, the sentiment still remains the same. Wishing all moms, especially my mom and mom-in-law a very

The Mother of All Podcasts

What a treat to sit down to chat with Kelly Sayre of Next Monday about college, parenting and the challenges of turning life’s failures into teachable moments. If you’ve got kids, this podcast is for you! LISTEN NOW –  KELLY RADI: PARENTING WITH GRACE For many of us the topic of parenting is terrifying, all-consuming, and the most important matter of our

Break to Educate – Making Wellness a Priority

How can a business create a culture that encourages employee well-being? Look no further than Park Industries for the answer! The leaders at Park Industries understand the personal and professional benefits of a healthy workforce. They know healthy lifestyles positively affect families, relationships and personal lives as well as work productivity and the bottom line. Their human resources team offers programs, incentives

Sun, Sand and Spring Break Realities

“Hi Mom! Hi Daddy! Guess what? I’m sooooo excited! My roommate’s brother got us a sweet deal on a hotel in Mexico for spring break. It’s super-cheap! Can I go?” Cancun. Aruba. Jamaica. Daytona Beach. In the midst of a long, cold winter, these warm-weather destinations sound like the perfect cure to the winter blahs, especially to stressed-out college students.

Serving Up Love

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air. I’m a big fan of V-Day. And love. I get giddy over candy hearts and decadent chocolates. I go gaga over roses. Pink glitter is my favorite color. While I certainly appreciate the big gestures (and heart-shaped gifts) associated with February 14th, it’s everyday love that truly speaks to me. It’s easy

2016 Uninhibited — A Year to Fly!

My friend Frankie got a new toy from Santa this year. A pogo stick. Now this is not just any pogo stick. It’s the Lamborghini of pogo sticks. Forget bouncing around the driveway. This thing flies! Literally. Instead of traditional springs, this one is pumped up with air and can bounce 8-10 feet high. The company website shows videos of folks